Hexagonal star and Moon

"Hexagonal star and Moon" The moon watches over us, and its reflected light gently hugs as a mother does. The hexagon is a harmonious shape in its pairs of opposites, like light and darkness, yin and yang, plus and minus, and creation and destruction. It represents the balance and harmony inherent in energies that are in everlasting opposition. It is the conflicting energy locked in a hexagon that creates harmony.


I see the conflict surrounding me and find harmony and balance through the love that also surrounds me and am thankful for both the love and protection.

すべてのものから調和学び求める貴方へ。 常に守られている、愛されているという感謝を大切にしたい貴方へ。

Aquamarine and diamonds



Hexagonal star and Moon

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    Aquamarine and diamonds


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